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You too can learn how to sing like the pros

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January 5, 2015 by Alex Prentice

We all do it: sing in the car, in the shower, at the office. The act of singing is one of the most popular and natural activity among humans. But singing in the shower and singing at pro level are two different things.

If you like singing, have talent and possess a good vocal range, then everything is in place to start developing your singing skills. But be sure to use a proven technique that does not strain or wear out your voice.

Also, the sooner the better: you don't want to ruin your singing voice for good! If you're inexperienced, here are some tips from professional singers to get you on the right track:

1. Your Posture
Stand up straight! This one is important. Correct posture helps you to breathe easily and allow maximum lung capacity to sing better notes and phrases.

Stand on your two feet. Spread your legs a little. Your feet should be at the same distance as your shoulder width. Stand upright, but not like a drill sergeant. Your spinal column should feel as if you were stacking up some coins in a natural S-curve. Keep your shoulders back and down, floating over your torso. Make sure that your chest is high to give room for your lungs to expand and contract. Relax.

Don't exaggerate the rigidity of your back. Keep it supple and flexible. To give power, great tonality and resonance to your voice, keep your shoulders, head and throat straight.

2. Breathing
Proper singing begins and ends with proper breathing. You can't sing if you don't know how to breath properly. The majority of people do not fill their lungs when they inhale. They take very small breaths, and this is why their breathing is shallow and thin.

We are built to breathe intensely and profoundly. We can maintain this kind of breathing without difficulty. Breathe low, from your stomach, and push out, tightening the muscles when you exhale. When singing, try to imitate babies when they breath, by filling completely your abdomen. As a singer, always maintain your chest muscles motionless when inhaling. Your upper body should practically not budge.

Another kind of breathing a singer has to master is by taking quick breaths. Rapid breathing can literally save a song by keeping enough air in your lungs to project sound powerfully without feeling empty or drained. Remember not to let out all your breath in one verse. Exhalation should be restrained to a maximum, so you don't run out of oxygen.

3. Balance
The sounds that we produce when we talk appear natural when we listen to them. The reason behind this is our innate speaking inhalation/exhalation well-skilled process developed at an early age. When you sing, try to keep the same balance between breathing in and breathing out. Also, you shouldn't limit your breath and sound projection.

4. Method
The best trick to control your exhalation skills is by whispering the sound "sshhhhh" for as long as you can. Start by a daily practice of exhaling slowly, so as to train your lungs in keeping a regular pace. This proven breathing method will enable you to finish a song. Otherwise, without this training, you'll run out of singing power in the middle of your musical performance.

5. Your mouth
To improve your vocal quality, you need to learn how to properly open your mouth when singing. Don't use your chin as a focus point when opening your mouth. Instead, feel and locate your TMJ (temporo-mandibular joint), then drop your jaw from this guide point. This technique will provide you with better resonance, quality and vocal power.


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