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Singing made easy with online lessons

February 15, 2014 by Alex Prentice

Have you spent a lot of money on books that claim to help you with your singing, only to be very disappointed?  Do you want to learn how to sing like a pro, but in an environment that will be easy for you and relaxing? 

If you said YES to these questions, online singing lessons are absolutely and positively the solution for you.

The advantage of singing lessons offered online, is that both American and international vocal coaches have developed these lessons to help singers improve their techniques with easy and proven methods.  Aaron Anastasi’s Superior Singing Method, is one of the favourite and trusted online courses specialized in singing.  Here’s what the Superior Singing Method will do for you:

1.   Singers today have to be very versatile and self-motivated, so as to be able to sing a variety of different music. The Superior Singing Method will help you develop what is called your “mix voice”.  Follow the techniques shown and you will hear the vivid difference in your voice range.

As a singer, a well-trained mix voice will benefit you tremendously with singing very low notes or very high notes in a flawless way.  This technique will definitely help you with more challenging songs in your repertoire.

2.   The Superior Singing Method will also teach you how to both improve the power of your voice while keeping the vocal range of a professional singer.

Your voice is a delicate tool that needs to exercise over time so that your voice has a broader range and you sing your notes easily without over doing it.  Straining your voice while singing will only damage your vocal chords and put you out for a few days.  The proper technique will alleviate this problem.

3.   Another of Aaron Anastasi’s techniques is to teach you proper singing posture and breathing.  If you are new to professional level singing, you will want to learn how to breathe deeply and exhale slowly, so as to improve your singing skills. 

It will take a lot of practice, but you can learn this easily.  Signing up early to the Superior Singing Method will help you to master your breathing techniques sooner and faster.

4.   If you work out you know that singing is as demanding from a physical point of view as a session at the gym.  You need to do warm up exercises so that your whole voice, from vocal chords to chest to throat muscles, work well and powerfully. 

The Superior Singing Method actually gives you very precise and proven warm up workouts, designed specifically for beginners to better prepare their vocal chords.

5.   One of the downfalls of amateur singing is the lack of good technique resulting in the singer’s nasal tones not being properly controlled.  This is called nasality and it’s an excellent gage of how the voice is unevenly projected.

Aaron Anastasi teaches you the proper way to use your nasal cavities.  This will help you improve your voice resonance, so that you don’t “kill” your song, especially at the beginning.  This is a fundamental singing skill that you must learn to improve your performances.

6.   Another very important skill that you will need to develop is your pitch control, or the way you slide your voice pitch up and down.  When you sign up to the Superior Singing Method you will learn this great technique used by pros!

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