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Can anyone learn how to sing properly?

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January 12, 2015 by Alex Prentice

Have you asked yourself these questions:
- Will I ever be able to sing like a pro?
- I’m a novice at singing, can I learn the proper techniques easily? 

Well… the answer is simple: YES, because everyone can learn how to sing. If you have the passion and aspiration to sing, than you can learn! 

Here are professional principles to go by, so as to enable you to sing to your full potential and like a pro!


1.    Most people are unaware that they can use their whole body to project sound waves.  Your mouth is only doing part of the work when singing.

When you sing you transmit the sound through your upper body, your abdomen and even your face. That is why your posture is central to the quality of your singing.

You can improve your posture by applying two techniques.  First, get yourself a stability or yoga ball on which you will sit against a wall.  Be careful on balancing your weight between your toes and the sole of your feet.

While you sit on your stability ball, be sure your head touches the wall. The second technique is to use the yoga ball, again while sitting, so as to balance your weight with your hips.

If your posture is wrong you will simply fall off the stability ball.  It’s that easy! You can’t just sit on a huge yoga ball without a good posture.


2.    Another technique you must develop is breathing properly.  To do so you will need that good posture we talked about previously, as well as deep breathing from your belly.

This can be achieved by taking short one-second breaths and learn how to hold them so as to control your exhalation technique.  One way of making this easy is to simply think of your lungs as balloons.

Your lungs are completely filled when you inhale, using all of your muscles in the abdomen.  However, you will only expel half of the air in your lungs when you exhale.

You have reached, what we call the “mid-phase” of your breathing technique.  Now you have to breathe again and finish the phase by emptying your lungs completely.  Visualizing your lungs as empty balloons at this point will enable you to catch your breath when you have a long break in your performance.

3.    At this point you must be true to yourself if you really want to improve the quality of your voice.  You will need to analyze your results.  The best way to do this is to record your voice, listen to the recording and study those areas that need improvement.

Of course, asking someone to listen to you and give you feedback on your singing skills is also another great way to develop yourself.  Should you get a negative reaction, always see it as positive criticism and ask the other person why they gave you this kind of feedback.  

Don’t worry, your technique is probably not at its best yet.  You need to know what is technically wrong in order to improve your singing skills and perform better upon the next round.

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